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MJ Demarco

The Great Rat Race Escape

This is a magnificent ‘all-in-one’ book for people with an entrepreneurial spirit, helping them pave their way to success!

George S. Clason

The Richest Man In Babylon

A fantastic book on how to generate and handle your money. In case you haven’t read any books on Wealth yet, start with this one!

Robert T. Kiyosaki

The Cashflow Quadrant

Find out whether you are destined to be an Employee, Solo-preneur, Business Owner, or Investor. And how to grow!

Phil Knight

Shoe Dog

The founder of Nike tells his story. And what a story it is. You’ll find out his road to success in Life & Business in this wonderful memoir!

Peter Lynch

One Up On Wall Street

An investor’s dream-guide towards finding the best value investments.
An all-time classic for years to come!

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